About Me and My Blog

Welcome to my blog Dimox.net!

My name is Dmitriy and my nickname is Dimox. I am a web developer from Russia, blogger since 2006, I have Russian blog with an average popularity.

I earn money online providing web development services:

  1. markup web sites from PSD to HTML & CSS;
  2. create templates (themes) for WordPress.

Also I make money with some other ways, like advertising banners, selling links, affiliate programs.

CSS, XHTML, jQuery

My first web site I was made in 2003. From that time I was carried away by web development, so I doing this including today.

Previously I have used only tables for markup. Since I became a freelancer in 2006 I began to use <div>s instead of <table>s.

In 2008 I became acquainted with jQuery. I very like this framework, therefore actively use it on my sites and write various useful scripts. I am one of the authors of online web 2.0 tool CSS Layout Generator. His interface works on jQuery.


Since 2006 I actively make themes for WordPress. During this time I have created a several plugins. My favourite plugin is jQuery Comment Preview.

My English

Despite the fact that I studied English entire 9 years (5 – in school and 4 – in colledge), my knowledge level of English is still poor, so I have to work with the dictionary. Improving my knowledge of English is one of the goals of this blog.

This Blog

As you might guess, this blog is dedicated to web development and main themes are CSS, XHTML, jQuery and WordPress. Also I may write on another related topics such as web standards, web browsers, SEO etc.

If you are planning to start your own blog and don’t know where to start – read this article.

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