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Nowadays we are involved in different processes connected with the Internet. There are many numerous interesting websites and all of them have a specific purpose.

I present to you my website called Social Sharing Button Script. It provides free service for generating a script. So, eventually, visitors of your websites or various social networks will be able to post links and additional information to your articles in various types of social media. - Free Social Sharing Buttons Script

There are many available options on

  • Firstly, you are able to choose a size (32×32, 24×24 or 16×16) and icons from listed on the website. You can notice more then 40 buttons there.
  • You can also choose the desired features of icon panels, website charset.
  • You are able to check how it will look like on this service.
  • If you are satisfied with all the set characteristics, you should install a definite script on your website. This process is very easy, just pay attention to the following steps:

    • After downloading it, you should unpack its archive. Then just upload folder of Share42 to your website via FTP or web hosting control panel.
    • Afterwards, you specify the path to it, select the most appropriate type of website, insert template of a specific code just before the main text goes.
    • If you want to give a style to it, then just add a special code from and put it in CSS file.
  • That’s the way it is going to be properly done.

Why choosing

  • Beautiful design of icons, which are made to fit each other.
  • Optimized code of script with a small size.
  • Easy way in installing, so after downloading the script you are able to connect it to your website.
  • No additional extra links are noticed because all links are made via JavaScript and outbound links do not increase in number.
  • You won’t find an extra HTML code, so it is generated with JavaScript.
  • You avoid the situation when another third-party site takes part in installation of the script.
  • The universal character of this service provides its working on any type of those websites that have FTP access.
  • Only one image or sprite can reduce the number of requests to that server that hosts your website.

You can see the live demo of the script on the current website.

If you find Share42 useful and required for your website, you have a chance to thank me and donate via PayPal.

You have a great possibility to give your website a unique look and an appropriate style. You choose those icons of social media that will be noticed on your website. All in all, this is an easy way to promote your site and make it more popular with the help of Social Sharing Button Script on

Don’t hesitate and give it a try!

Cоmmеnts (48):
  1. 1

    What is the right place for share42 script in case of using localhost (XAMPP)?

    • 2

      If horizontal version, place it where you want to see it. If vertical version, place it near the main content of the page.

  2. 3
    MSRosyidi said:

    I don’t find pinterest button.
    When it will be supported?

  3. 7

    Hi Dimox,

    Respect really very nice Script that I have found. What would be the way to show a Text instead the Background Image?


  4. 11

    Sorry if I ask you that all Questions. This will be the last :)
    The Facebook makes Problem with Images at sharing. Facebook is searching for the Contents Image and than it breaks. Tested with WordPress, HTML Site and different CMS. Thanks Dimox that you reply my Questions.

    • 12

      You can specify an image using data-url parameter for div.share42init tag. This information is available on the website.

    • 13

      Oops! Sorry, data-image, not data-url.

      • 14

        What a fabulous script, love it!

        Just one thing, why the preview image is in low quality? I mean, if I share my site directly in FB the image-preview is “HQ”, but if I share it trough Share42 script the image is like “blur effected”.

        How I could fix it?

  5. 16
    Smoky said:

    Fantastic! Just what I was looking for, all the other social bookmarks plugins are too bloated and not efficient. Maybe I don’t need my meta property og tags anymore. Works great with dynamic PHP site.

  6. 18
    Vijay Kanta said:

    Hey, how do you reload the buttons after an AJAX call is made? I mean, I want a particular HTML section to reload the share generator code you gave, but they do not show up.

    Should I run any function after the response comes back after an AJAX call is made?

  7. 20
    23 Photos Of said:

    Hi Dimox,

    Great script, thanks a ton! I’m having a little issue with the Pinterest button picking up any images to post. Any ideas?

    Thanks again,

    Paul D

    • 21

      Sory, don’t understand what you want.

      • 22
        23 Photos Of said:

        Hi Dimox, thanks for the reply.

        If you check the site in my profile and click the pinterest button on the Share42 installation on the homepage, you’ll get the Pinterest popup but there’s no image associated to pin or any way to select an image to pin.

        Hope that makes sense. Thanks again,

        Paul D

  8. 24
    23 Photos Of said:

    Thanks again Dimox, will give it a try.

  9. 25

    Hi Dimox,

    Odnoklassniki counter number dont show on iOS divices.
    You can test it with safari, make it use for user agent, iphone interface, and visit this page:,odnoklassniki,vkontakte&size=24&panel=floating&lang=en&jquery&count

    • 26


      The same on Android and Windows Phone. Unfortunatelly, I don’t know what’s the reason of this and how to fix it.

      • 27

        I think it is because when script try to get like number, odnoklassniki domain redirect to, and may be API for m.odno….ru is different then for desktop devices. May be you can check if user use mobile device, than use odnoklassniki mobile api to get counter namber and to share the post.

  10. 28

    Hi Dimox,

    thx this social media sharing script! It works fine, however there are some questions still remaining (facebook & twitter):

    data-url data-image, data-title, data-description:

    when linking to an url/image, the script seems to grab and post some lines of text of the respective website. this feels rather random. I expected the script to use data-title, data-description and data-image for the social media post. am I wrong with my believe?

    great to receive your answer.

    • 29

      1. For Twitter the script passes only data-url and data-title.

      2. For Facebook the script passes data-url, data-title and data-description. data-image now not passes because of Facebook changes (previously it worked).

  11. 30

    First I would like to say great work, and I love this script. BUT, with that being said I need help because its not working correctly on my site :(

    The only place that it works on my site correctly and displays the correct numbers and sharing url and info is here: my listing page. here on the main page all my share numbers and url when clicked to share is my latest blog post.

    please help me, thank you


    • 31

      You need to change the data-url and data-title for home page on corresponding values using functionality of your CMS.

  12. 32
    Alberto said:

    Thanks for the work.
    I’m trying but the counter does not appear Google +
    What can it be?

    • 33

      Google+ counter does not exists in my script because there is no possibility to make it without attaching third party scripts.

  13. 34

    I recently discovered and love the Share42 script. It works great and doesn’t involve any third parties, which is perfect for how I need to use it.

    I have not been able to figure out how to add Google Analytic’s social tracking however. It works similarly to event tracking. Any ideas with how to do this?

  14. 36

    in share time fb button not able to share script. why? other sites shared picture, fb not included it.

  15. 37

    Hi! Thank`s a lot for a great script!
    Please, tell me, am i able to use my own sprite for buttons?

  16. 39
    Pierre said:


    What is the license of the script ? I can’t find it.

    I would like to include it in a gpl project.


  17. 41

    Any chance of adding an email share button?

  18. 42

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful sharer script!
    Do you know if it is possible to add a parameter to schedule the posts to FB, G+, TW…? If yes can you add it as another data-…?

  19. 43

    Is there a App ID i can use in my og tags?

    Share App ID Missing The ‘fb:app_id’ property should be explicitly provided, Specify the app ID so that stories shared to Facebook will be properly attributed to the app. Alternatively, app_id can be set in url when open the share dialog.

  20. 45

    Facebook counters stopped working about a week ago. Also, what is the purpose of the Yandex reference in the javascript? It slows down page loading.

    • 46

      Facebook counters stopped working about a week ago.

      It’s already fixed, generate new script.

      Also, what is the purpose of the Yandex reference in the javascript?

      Was used for Google+ counter. This part of code has been deleted, because the counter does not work anymore.

  21. 47

    Thank you for sharing this great script. What happened to the email button?

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