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WordPress Breadcrumbs Without a Plugin

WordPress Breadcrumbs Without a Plugin

Breadcrumbs is an important element of a web site navigation, which boosts his usability. Especially it concerns to a sites with a complex structure. Unfortunatelly, I don’t use breadcrumbs on my sites, may be because their structure is very simple or because I could not find a way of making breadcrumbs, suitable for me.

I have seen a different ways of a breadcrumbs implementation on WordPress sites, but not one of them I does not like, because all of them does not display a full chain of links. So I have created my version of WordPress breadcrumbs without a plugin.

Yes, there is a ready plugins for WordPress breadcrumbs, but I prefer to use a short code snippets, which doing the same.

Features of my version of WordPress breadcrumbs

  • Displays a full chain of links to the current page. For example, if the current post is in a second level category, so breadcrumbs will looks like this:

    Home » Category » Subcategory » Post Title

    But all, what I have seen, displays only such an option (excluding plugins):

    Home » Subcategory » Post Title

    The same applies to pages and subpages. For example, for a 3rd level page breadcrumbs will looks like this:

    Home » Page Level 1 » Page Level 2 » Page Level 3

  • Breadcrumbs is appearing on a following types of WordPress pages:

    • paged navigation (like sitename.com/page/2/);
    • category archive;
    • tag archive;
    • daily archive;
    • monthly archive;
    • yearly archive;
    • author archive;
    • custom post type;
    • single post page;
    • single page;
    • attachment page;
    • search results;
    • 404 error page.
  • adding a page number (if archive page is second or more);

  • custom symbol of delimiter;

  • custom text for a ‘Home’ link;

  • current crumb styling;

  • integrated microdata from Schema.org.

WordPress breadcrumbs function (last updated: 2017.21.01)

Simply paste this function into the functions.php file of your theme (excluding <?php) and then paste the following code in a place of your theme, where breadcrumbs must appearing:

<?php if (function_exists('dimox_breadcrumbs')) dimox_breadcrumbs(); ?>

All that remains to do for now, is to design your breadcrumbs with CSS. You can use .breadcrumbs for styling breadcrumbs block and .breadcrumbs .current for styling a current crumb.

You can also look at breadcrumbs video tutorial, which show you how to install this function on TwentyTen WordPress theme.

Function works on WordPress 3.0 or higher.

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  1. 1

    Hi, we translate the Breadcrumb with a javascript. but now i have a problem with the language additional code.

    German is ok:
    i can go back to “Ziegelei”: http://gasserceramic.ch/ziegelei

    but in other language we have this mistake:
    if you go back to Ziegelei you see this… http://gasserceramic.ch/?lang=frziegelei%2F

    is there a possibility to set a fix URL or to define that the language-additional is at the end of a string? / URL?

  2. 3

    Thanks you sir!

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